Reflections of Africa Gallery

Coleen has a genuine love for art and was born with an authentic gift to create it. As a child, she dreamed of displaying her work in galleries around the world and one day, opening the doors to a gallery of her own. Those childhood dreams lay dormant for nearly a lifetime until finally Coleen picked up her pencils again, in late in 2018. One artwork was all it took, to reignite her passion and reawaken her natural gifts.

A complete change of lifestyle finally allowed her to realise those childhood dreams and in late 2020, in the midst of a global crises, an opportunity arose. Brave Coleen boldly took the leap and opened a gallery of her own, despite the woes of the world at the time.

Reflections of Africa Gallery was born. The name, fitting to the essence of the Gallery: A space where art would reflect Coleen’s beloved Africa in every sense of the word.

In contrast to the stark, imposing, consummate atmosphere you would customarily find in an art Gallery, Coleen wanted to create something warm and affectionate. An affable, welcoming Art Gallery that would embrace and entice and inspire a love for art, and an appreciation for Africa in equal measures.

Casterbridge Lifestyle Centre provided the perfect canvas: a maze of picturesque gardens, walls immersed in lush green Ivy, and an eclectic community of vendors, all contribute to the uninhibited calm and authentic country atmosphere she so desired. The eccentric A-frame at the top of the staircase with its exposed beams and infinite natural light was an instant love-affair for Coleen. This was only compounded by the breath-taking Lowveld views and the ancient Mango tree outside the large windows, and the way the outside was merely an extension of the Gallery space.

Reflections of Africa Art Gallery

Reflections of Africa also offers a growing range of art supplies for every creative, ranging from student grade to professional artist quality materials. We have a selection of oils, watercolours, acrylics, pastels and drawing supplies, as well as various papers and canvas. If we do not have what you are looking for, we will curate an order especially for you.